Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Today's Goth look - Cute Doll

When I'm lazy some days I only put a 20 minute effort in my make up. Mainly because I have other things to attend and don't wanna waste my time getting perfect (although I kind of always wanna spend my days in front of a mirror doing make up). So fat eyebrows and a very small amount of eye make up it is today. It came out better than I thought!

Since I'm not much of a brand type of girl (I like things cheap most of the time) I'm not wearing any certain kind of make up. This is from a cheap eBay palette. Works as both eyebrows and eyeshadow.
The ony thing I splash on must be the eyeliners (I always have one IsaDora Waterproof black as eyeliner, and M.A.C. blacktrack fluidline for the water line).

And no, I don't sleep with my make up on (unless I sleep with a very pretty boy or someone I don't know, then it might happen. But that doesn't happen a lot. LOL), but I do take the pictures before removing it.
I'm very particular with my cleansing each night. I want my skin to look good for as long as I can :)

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Today's Goth look - Electronic Winter festival

This weekend me and my funny pals drove to Gothenburg for one of Swedens best mini festivals: Electronic Winter (they also do an Electronic Summer). It's always sold out and is filled with happy people, good bands and great DJ's.
We look like we're in a band. That hunk to the left is mine <3

Choker, belt - Unholy Clothing
Bat bows by Victoria Lovelace
Yes, I do have handsome friends

Yes, I have a super delicious husband. After 28 years together I still think he's the hottest boy I've ever seen. I always feel like; "Score!" when I bring him home <3

As I got back from this amazing evening filled of laughter, dancing and shenanigans.
I'm just as happy as I look :)

The little video I filmed during the weekend

Friday, 27 January 2017

Today's Goth look - Chandelier make up

For Friday's it's drinking my morning tea out of the Dr Phil mug I got as I was an audience at his show in L.A. last year. I also always tries to look a bit extra special for my forever love.
Accordingly to The Cure Friday's are for love, so I better listen to what they say.

This is another version of my very popular Chandelier make up tutorial.
As I've seen on social medias the one I did a tutorial about have been used by so many since I created it. It might even be more popular than my swirls :) And no wonder, it always looks so explicit! One girl even told me she was accepted into Beauty School because they were so impressed by her make up as she did the one from my tutorial. Cool!
And it's really easy to do so everyone can easily do it! Just lines and dots!

I always get a lot of questions about this bra, but it's an old one I hated and was about to throw away that I decided to re-model, and this is the result. I like to craft :)
The lovely mesh robe is from Unholy Clothing.

Monday, 23 January 2017

Goth model - Sarah Mankoff and Maribaal Clothing

Last summer, August 2016 I went on a trip to L.A. with my friends.
And as I was there I had the chance to do some modelling.
Here are the pictures from photographer Sarah Mankoff, wearing all Maribaal Clothing.

There was a video made during our shoot, please check it out! 
It's posted below :)

I felt so sexy in this headdress. It was truely amazing to wear. He also have one model with a chin strap. I think I'd like that even more actually.

I totally recommend this cute cat headdress to everyone!

I promise I'm not as pouty and stuck up as I look on these pictures.
Since I always laugh it's so hard for me to model and try to be professional and serious.
It's against my nature!

And here are a few with my beautiful friend Victoria Lovelace

We are always so cute together!
But she is a bit cuter <3

Bestie beasts!

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Today's Goth look - Queen of Trashy

This is my latest crown. It is so fancy! I feel like a real Queen wearing it.

I went for a trashy make up look today. It literally only took 10 minutes to make, just smudged everything on with my fingers. I had very fun!
And yeah, I know people tell me all the time I should paint my neck also - but what the hell?!
I'm often so nude I'd have to paint my entire body to make it look good, so I just couldn't be bothrered.
And then where should my husband kiss me when I'm in full gear? Now he's got my neck, boobs and all of my body, just not the face (well, he is allowed to lick my tongue). If I painted myself more I better just become a nun!
It's like: "duh, people can see you so obvious wear make up."
I wear my French mime artist make up with pride!

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Today's Goth look - Preppy Princess

I was invited home to my best friend L for a fika and a chat so I felt the need to be a bit more preppy.
It was just as fun, interesting, crazy and great as usual. Even though her home baked delights are reason enough to visit her, I still come for the chat :)
She's been very sick lately and had several surgeries, so it was nice to see her and know she is kind of okay for the time being. We keeps getting reminded we are now women in our 40's and not indestrucible 20-year olds anymore... and what can I say; it sucks!

Goth look of today
Cardigan - Banned
Choker - Pinkabsinthe
Bat Brooch - My Lovely Boutique

The home baked fika my friend made. It was so good!