Friday, 17 February 2017

Info #Fridayboob club

Right now there are 3 spots open in the #Fridayboobs Club.
Since it's a 10 members club only and you have to re-apply each month I'm gonna put these 3 outside the waiting list.
From now on I've decided to always put the last spot in the club open for who ever gets it first.
What is the # Fridayboob Club?
-Ever since I started doing my #Fridayboobs on Instagram I've been getting questions from followers to get hold of the un-covered up picture. Since I'm a mother, and since I'm not really doing that I said no. Then I got offered quite big money for a particular picture, and thought about it, and eventually said yes. Apparently I can be bought... ;)
Strangely enough THIS was the picture my first 
ever client wanted to have without the cover ups!
Since I'm still not "really doing that", but figured if it was worth it for me, money wise, and if it was small scaled, I just might. So I turned it into a very exclusive secret club with a maximum of 10 members. And for the price of $100/month it would be worth it for me if anyone wanted in. And since it was a 10 spot list everyone in it would feel exclusive. And you are <3

What do I get as a member?
As a member you get the 4 weeks #Fridayboobs from when you join (it will always be nude boobs, even if the boob picture on Instagram is in outfit) - without covering the sweet, sweet nipples. It will say: To "Your Name" on the picture. You will know there are only you, and 9 more people in the world having this picture.
Example: Todays #Fridayboobs

I'm not like other alternative girls out there sending out hundeds of nudes to my members. Mainly because I'm Adora BatBrat, and secondly because I only do it for the money - or not at all.
Another perk with being on the members list is that as a member you can also buy a privat picture: me wearing whatever you want, in any pose, but no more than boobs will ever show. You will not get this pussys pussy for $100!
As a non member this private posing can never be bought.
Of course there are rules for my members, and if you misbehave, or are inproper with me, you will be excluded.

When the list is full, you will be added to a waiting list, and as soon as there is a spot open you will get a notice about this if you are the next in line.

The 3 new spots are of course open to my waiting list boys first, but you still might have a chance if you are interested.
Looking forward to my new SugarBats <3

#Fridayboobs Club Membership can be bought here.

If you have more questions about this, please contact

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