Thursday, 9 February 2017

Zwart Chateau - Babybats restroom

In our five room flat we have two restrooms, one right outside my bedroom, and a small one outside the babybats rooms. It's been so boring forever so I finally did a small touch up to it a few weeks ago.
Sadly the pictures doesn't give it justice. It looks so amazing IRL.
I know my home doesn't look Goth, but this Goth lives in dark Sweden and like white. The rest of my family want some colours here and there, so I try to be kind to them. If it was all up to me I'd probably live in something that looked like an ultra white asylum with my day light lamps on all the time.

Before                    and                    after

It's so much better for selfies now :)
Goth Queen of Trashy on her porcelain throne.

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