Monday, 23 January 2017

Goth model - Sarah Mankoff and Maribaal Clothing

Last summer, August 2016 I went on a trip to L.A. with my friends.
And as I was there I had the chance to do some modelling.
Here are the pictures from photographer Sarah Mankoff, wearing all Maribaal Clothing.

There was a video made during our shoot, please check it out! 
It's posted below :)

I felt so sexy in this headdress. It was truely amazing to wear. He also have one model with a chin strap. I think I'd like that even more actually.

I totally recommend this cute cat headdress to everyone!

I promise I'm not as pouty and stuck up as I look on these pictures.
Since I always laugh it's so hard for me to model and try to be professional and serious.
It's against my nature!

And here are a few with my beautiful friend Victoria Lovelace

We are always so cute together!
But she is a bit cuter <3

Bestie beasts!

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  1. I splash my sperma on your beautiful face, baby!


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