Do you think you suffer from an eating disorder?
Please contact a doctor and confide in a parent/friend to get the proper help.

I eat according to the Montignac Method (most of the time).
I follow the rules of the book “Eat yourself slim
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I started eating this way 2001 mainly because I developed gastric catarrh from eating wrong (lots of crisps, potatoe gratins (fat + carbohydrates) and almost no fruit and veggies).
My gastric catarrh was so bad my stomach made my ribcage bulge.
I got medicin to solve the problem, but at the same time a boy friend of mine had started this “Montignac Method” and told me about it; How he learned it from a friend at work who was overweight and had heartburn and lost 10 kilos and got rid of the heartburn at the same time just by eating in a new way.
My forever love had gained some weight over the years so it was just perfect we started this together. He wanted to lose weight and I needed to eat better.
We bought the book, read it and followed the rules exactly.
It worked!!!

Phase 1
You are supposed to follow phase 1 for 3 months the first time, so we did – without a single setback.
It says in the book “if you cheat once you have to start the 3 months all over again”, so it was easy to stick with it. It’s just 3 months of my life….

Phase 1 is the weight-loss phase.
My love lost the 7 kilos he set up to lose, and me who already apparently had the perfect weight for my body just got rid of my gastric catarrh and felt more energetic.

Phase 2
After the 3 months passed we went on to Phase 2, the stabilization and prevention phase. And we have eaten according to this more or less since then.
Me a bit more.

As I got pregnant 3 times I gained 13 kilos the first time, 21 the second and 22 the third time.
Since I was not among those fortunate ones losing the weight just by breast feeding I started Phase 1 each time after I was done breast feeding (you shouldn’t start a diet while breast feeding) and lost the weight JUST by changing my way of eating (no extra work out). It took about 9 months each time, but I did it!

So in total I’ve lost over a whole me – 56 kilos!

My body
I know I'm slim. On times when I weigh more than 56 kilos I'm still slim, without a doubt.
But I like my body the most as I weight between 51-54 kilos. This is extremely low for a person my height (177 cm/5 feet, 9.7 inches) but you have to consider I don't have any particular muscle mass, both my parents are tall and slim and I do have a sexual preference to almost look like an anorexic body type (WITHOUT being it). (And I know anorexia is a sickness of the mind, not a body type, but I think you know what I mean).
And since pictures of my body appears on thin-spirations sites every now and then I'm guessing I manage to look skinny enough for those with eating disorders or planning to stop eating.
This both saddens and makes me happy.
The happy part is I might actually make a difference because of this.
My hope is that I can get the message through that I achive this skinny look by EATING, not starving.
Some people always wanna be skinny and do it at what ever cost.
I'd rather see them getting skinny by eating instead of starving.
And I'm the living proof you can.
I will not go into it further.

For those of you that is pleased with your bodies and have no physological problem this might be of no use.
To those of you that is considered overweight I hope you might get helped by this.
But mostly: are you considering to stop eating to become skinny - please don't. Try this instead.

What are eating disorders?
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