Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Today's Goth look - Preppy Princess

I was invited home to my best friend L for a fika and a chat so I felt the need to be a bit more preppy.
It was just as fun, interesting, crazy and great as usual. Even though her home baked delights are reason enough to visit her, I still come for the chat :)
She's been very sick lately and had several surgeries, so it was nice to see her and know she is kind of okay for the time being. We keeps getting reminded we are now women in our 40's and not indestrucible 20-year olds anymore... and what can I say; it sucks!

Goth look of today
Cardigan - Banned
Choker - Pinkabsinthe
Bat Brooch - My Lovely Boutique

The home baked fika my friend made. It was so good!

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