Saturday, 28 January 2017

Today's Goth look - Electronic Winter festival

This weekend me and my funny pals drove to Gothenburg for one of Swedens best mini festivals: Electronic Winter (they also do an Electronic Summer). It's always sold out and is filled with happy people, good bands and great DJ's.
We look like we're in a band. That hunk to the left is mine <3

Choker, belt - Unholy Clothing
Bat bows by Victoria Lovelace
Yes, I do have handsome friends

Yes, I have a super delicious husband. After 28 years together I still think he's the hottest boy I've ever seen. I always feel like; "Score!" when I bring him home <3

As I got back from this amazing evening filled of laughter, dancing and shenanigans.
I'm just as happy as I look :)

The little video I filmed during the weekend

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