Friday, 10 March 2017

GOTH secret life - Co-designing a jacket for Evolution Division

New video up!
I'm out in the freezing cold just to show you how hot this jacket is.
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Go here to see more pictures of my faux fur from Evolution Division and the make up I'm wearing in the video.

Monday, 6 March 2017

Today's Goth look - Emo Goth

I won't lie - I was listening to My Chemical Romance as I did my make up today, so it ended up a bit more Emo than usual I think. I like it!

Goth look of today
Bindi - My Lovely Boutique
Skeleton necklace, leggings - Queen of Darkness
Lace gloves - The Gothic Shop
Skirt - HM Kids during Halloween
Faux fur - Evolution Division

This cute faux fur was a collaboration I was asked to do for Evolution Division last winter. I was so honoured to be asked to design for them! I can totally recommend their faux furs (and especially the one designed by me) since they are so incredibly warm. It's fully lined with fleece so it's super hot and cosy.