Monday, 20 February 2017

Today's Goth look - Cute Goth to Stockholm

The whole BatBrat family left for Stockholm by plane.
Since it was holiday from school we all went together.

After we arrived to our hotel, Scandic Malmen, I wanted us to go out and have dinner. But what did the kids say?
"-No, we wanna order hamburgers and stay in the room."

So, we ordered them some burgers and went on a date. Even better!

And now the usual bombing of Goth look of today
Skirt - Queen of Darkness
And see - no lenses today

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Unboxing - Queen of Darkness

Unboxing my goods from Queen of Darkness, for whom I'm an ambassador.

Blouse -
Dress -
Necklace -
Chains - (sold out right now)
Skeleton hoodie -
Skirt -

What I'm wearing as well:
Bat necklace: Pinkabsinthe

Friday, 17 February 2017

Info #Fridayboob club

Right now there are 3 spots open in the #Fridayboobs Club.
Since it's a 10 members club only and you have to re-apply each month I'm gonna put these 3 outside the waiting list.
From now on I've decided to always put the last spot in the club open for who ever gets it first.
What is the # Fridayboob Club?
-Ever since I started doing my #Fridayboobs on Instagram I've been getting questions from followers to get hold of the un-covered up picture. Since I'm a mother, and since I'm not really doing that I said no. Then I got offered quite big money for a particular picture, and thought about it, and eventually said yes. Apparently I can be bought... ;)
Strangely enough THIS was the picture my first 
ever client wanted to have without the cover ups!
Since I'm still not "really doing that", but figured if it was worth it for me, money wise, and if it was small scaled, I just might. So I turned it into a very exclusive secret club with a maximum of 10 members. And for the price of $100/month it would be worth it for me if anyone wanted in. And since it was a 10 spot list everyone in it would feel exclusive. And you are <3

What do I get as a member?
As a member you get the 4 weeks #Fridayboobs from when you join (it will always be nude boobs, even if the boob picture on Instagram is in outfit) - without covering the sweet, sweet nipples. It will say: To "Your Name" on the picture. You will know there are only you, and 9 more people in the world having this picture.
Example: Todays #Fridayboobs

I'm not like other alternative girls out there sending out hundeds of nudes to my members. Mainly because I'm Adora BatBrat, and secondly because I only do it for the money - or not at all.
Another perk with being on the members list is that as a member you can also buy a privat picture: me wearing whatever you want, in any pose, but no more than boobs will ever show. You will not get this pussys pussy for $100!
As a non member this private posing can never be bought.
Of course there are rules for my members, and if you misbehave, or are inproper with me, you will be excluded.

When the list is full, you will be added to a waiting list, and as soon as there is a spot open you will get a notice about this if you are the next in line.

The 3 new spots are of course open to my waiting list boys first, but you still might have a chance if you are interested.
Looking forward to my new SugarBats <3

#Fridayboobs Club Membership can be bought here.

If you have more questions about this, please contact

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Today's Goth look - Valentine's Day

I started the day with putting on some cute panties.

Then I put on my homemade heart apron and cooked a three dishes dinner with the help of Synthia (my oldest daughter).
Synthia did the plates looking so cute!
It was pesto and garlic marinated chicken and tomatoe pilau rice, and then she stamped out hearts in garlic sausage and we made tomatoe hearts for decoration.

The starter dish is in the champagne cup, and is a mix of egg, red onion, cremé fraiche, dill and shrimps.
Decorated with a heart toast of course!

I'm all hearts today!
On my face, my necklaces, my skirt, my stockings and of course my darling tattoos of 8 red hearts that I made as I'd been married for 10 years (makes sense, right?).

The blue lenses are from Colour is called "blue". Here they are! Cute, right?!

"Puss"is the Swedish word for a small kiss.

Huggie! (no lenses)

My Valentines gifts from my forever love was this amazing poster of my favourite band Front 242. You might recognice the logo from my right arm. This was the best gift ever! I love this poster!!!
I also got a red heart reflex/reflector to have on my jacket to prevent me from getting killed in traffic when I'm out Goth-walking.

From a secret admirer I got a letter containing a thick white paper....? I got confused.
But with a closer look I could see it was written with secret text on it. So I held it up against the light and I could read: "Do you want to be my Valentine's date? Kanske en annan dag? P.S. Du är Toksöt!"
(Translation of the later part: "Perhaps another day? BTW, You are Crazy Cute!").
I think it might be the same secret admirer who gave me this super pretty tiara I'm wearing today <3
I'm not feeling sad at all, but I thought to look really sad on a picture may come in handy one day. Haha
Choker with metal heart and rhinestones is from Unholy Clothing
The necklace I'm holding is made by me and has a small key attached in a chain at the top (it's hard to see).
The other heart necklaces are random buys over the years. I LOVE hearts so much!
Tiara from secret admirer :D Thanks, starshine <3

Here is a Valentine's crafting video I made several years ago, 2011. Enjoy!

Friday, 10 February 2017

Today's Goth look - Purple Princess II

The green line through my eyebrow was a thing my idol Cyndi Lauper had on a picture once, in the 1980's, and I used to copy that to school when I was 12. I had big Boy George eyebrows at the time and I remember people asking me all day in school if I'd shaved out that part where I painted the green.. I've been plucking away half my brows (the end part) since I was 11 so it was like a "duh" moment. Those normals, right?
Goth look of today
Dress, black necklace, chain accessoire - Queen of Darkness
Silver necklace - Pinkabsinthe
Lips - Black Moon Cosmetics, colour Purgatory
Hair accessories by me
Crown from a flower shop

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Today's Goth look - Purple Princess

First picture is during the process, middle the finished make up, and last as I removed the lenses.
I sometimes get asked questions about these particular lashes, and these are from eBay.
I simply searched for Showgirl/long/
Party lashes and they popped up.
Since it's almost always freight on these I always order a lot at the time. They are sure heavier and not as soft at the base as my ususal Kryolan Showgirls lashes, but cheaper and as long lasting.
The quality is good and you can re-use them many, many times.

Goth look of today
Bindi - My Lovely Boutique
Black necklace, skeleton hoodie - Queen of Darkness
Nosechain by me :)

Nighty night, little Goth princess