Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Today's Goth look - Cute Doll

When I'm lazy some days I only put a 20 minute effort in my make up. Mainly because I have other things to attend and don't wanna waste my time getting perfect (although I kind of always wanna spend my days in front of a mirror doing make up). So fat eyebrows and a very small amount of eye make up it is today. It came out better than I thought!

Since I'm not much of a brand type of girl (I like things cheap most of the time) I'm not wearing any certain kind of make up. This is from a cheap eBay palette. Works as both eyebrows and eyeshadow.
The ony thing I splash on must be the eyeliners (I always have one IsaDora Waterproof black as eyeliner, and M.A.C. blacktrack fluidline for the water line).

And no, I don't sleep with my make up on (unless I sleep with a very pretty boy or someone I don't know, then it might happen. But that doesn't happen a lot. LOL), but I do take the pictures before removing it.
I'm very particular with my cleansing each night. I want my skin to look good for as long as I can :)

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