Adora BatBrat

Adora BatBrat is an icon within the Goth subculture.Adora01_web
A selfproclaimed Queen of Goth and the dark Martha Stewart.
Her Kingdom is in Sweden, where she lives with her forever love and their 3 babybats (more about this in the FAQ section).
She is mostly known for her make up tutorials and videos on, for her positive and perky personality that goes right through to her followers, and for the little tips and tricks she shares. And also for being kind of stylish and pretty of course!
Although she is pure happiness she is not afraid to make morbid jokes about how Goths are thought of by others.
Warning: She is very ironic at times. Don’t get mad at her…
If you ever happens to see her in real life – make sure to give her a hug. She loves that <3