Friday, 10 February 2017

Today's Goth look - Purple Princess II

The green line through my eyebrow was a thing my idol Cyndi Lauper had on a picture once, in the 1980's, and I used to copy that to school when I was 12. I had big Boy George eyebrows at the time and I remember people asking me all day in school if I'd shaved out that part where I painted the green.. I've been plucking away half my brows (the end part) since I was 11 so it was like a "duh" moment. Those normals, right?
Goth look of today
Dress, black necklace, chain accessoire - Queen of Darkness
Silver necklace - Pinkabsinthe
Lips - Black Moon Cosmetics, colour Purgatory
Hair accessories by me
Crown from a flower shop

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