Thursday, 9 February 2017

Today's Goth look - Purple Princess

First picture is during the process, middle the finished make up, and last as I removed the lenses.
I sometimes get asked questions about these particular lashes, and these are from eBay.
I simply searched for Showgirl/long/
Party lashes and they popped up.
Since it's almost always freight on these I always order a lot at the time. They are sure heavier and not as soft at the base as my ususal Kryolan Showgirls lashes, but cheaper and as long lasting.
The quality is good and you can re-use them many, many times.

Goth look of today
Bindi - My Lovely Boutique
Black necklace, skeleton hoodie - Queen of Darkness
Nosechain by me :)

Nighty night, little Goth princess

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