Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Today's Goth look - Valentine's Day

I started the day with putting on some cute panties.

Then I put on my homemade heart apron and cooked a three dishes dinner with the help of Synthia (my oldest daughter).
Synthia did the plates looking so cute!
It was pesto and garlic marinated chicken and tomatoe pilau rice, and then she stamped out hearts in garlic sausage and we made tomatoe hearts for decoration.

The starter dish is in the champagne cup, and is a mix of egg, red onion, cremé fraiche, dill and shrimps.
Decorated with a heart toast of course!

I'm all hearts today!
On my face, my necklaces, my skirt, my stockings and of course my darling tattoos of 8 red hearts that I made as I'd been married for 10 years (makes sense, right?).

The blue lenses are from Wish.com. Colour is called "blue". Here they are! Cute, right?!

"Puss"is the Swedish word for a small kiss.

Huggie! (no lenses)

My Valentines gifts from my forever love was this amazing poster of my favourite band Front 242. You might recognice the logo from my right arm. This was the best gift ever! I love this poster!!!
I also got a red heart reflex/reflector to have on my jacket to prevent me from getting killed in traffic when I'm out Goth-walking.

From a secret admirer I got a letter containing a thick white paper....? I got confused.
But with a closer look I could see it was written with secret text on it. So I held it up against the light and I could read: "Do you want to be my Valentine's date? Kanske en annan dag? P.S. Du är Toksöt!"
(Translation of the later part: "Perhaps another day? BTW, You are Crazy Cute!").
I think it might be the same secret admirer who gave me this super pretty tiara I'm wearing today <3
I'm not feeling sad at all, but I thought to look really sad on a picture may come in handy one day. Haha
Choker with metal heart and rhinestones is from Unholy Clothing
The necklace I'm holding is made by me and has a small key attached in a chain at the top (it's hard to see).
The other heart necklaces are random buys over the years. I LOVE hearts so much!
Tiara from secret admirer :D Thanks, starshine <3

Here is a Valentine's crafting video I made several years ago, 2011. Enjoy!

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