Saturday, 7 January 2017

The Love Story part 3

January 7 in the Love Story:
I lived in Kalmar, and my future husband in Karlskrona; 8,4 Swedish miles apart.
I asked my mother the day before if this handsome fella I met at the disco could come and sleep over in my room on Saturday.
She got really quitet.
Then she said: Does he like chicken caserolle? I got so happy!!!

The thing was his mother turned 40 on that day, so he totally ditched his mums 40's birthday party to be with me.
I still remember when I asked him what he gave her, he answered: "-A blouse".
I remembered thinking that was a strange gift for a 40's birthday. Hahaha
Neither him, or his mum have any recollection of this now 28 years later. LOL

He came by train, and I went in to town and met him.
This was before Internet so I've just seen him live two nights before. I had no chance to stalk his Instagram or Facebook accounts to swoon over pictures like we do nowadays. Just my own blurry memories.
Would I even recognice him?
Yes. I did.

As he jumped out of the train I thought inside my mind; "- Was he THAT handsome?!!! Score!"
I felt like I won the pretty-boy lottery!
Then we took the bus to my village. We sat at the back and made out ALL the way.
He was so perfect, smelled so good, looked like out-of-this-world pretty and I barely could look at him because I found him so beautiful. I still do!

Nowadays this day is spent at his parents house with dinner, since it's his mums birthday,
And I always thank her for her beautiful son :)
Homemade bow tie. 
Naturally with a portrait of me on it.
My mother in law knows just what I like!

Brown lenses makes me look a bit stupid and sweet.
I can probably lie my way out of any shenanigans
wearing them...
My beautiful ear jewellry. It sucks I couldn't find the
one to the left for both ears though :(

Goth look of today
ear jewellry - eBay
homemade bow tie
random white blouse
re-made belt
skirt - random store Harajuko, Japan
stockings - random Goth shop
The difference without and with lenses :)

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