Friday, 6 January 2017

The Love Story part 2

As I said, I met my husband January 5, 1989, when I was 16 and he almost 20.
We met at a disco, and it was love at first sight.
Neither of us had ever seen the other one before.
(Actually he saw me first, as I was checking in my coat).

After we danced (and made out heavily) (actually we looked at each other across the dancefloor. I opened out my arms towards him, and he opened out his arms towards me, and we just walked right through the crowd like this and fell into each others arms, without a word being said! We danced together, and just held each other tight. After half the song I started making out with him and grabbed his fine piece of ass. He told me later he was a bit shocked about my bluntness. Haha. Typical me!) I got his phone number and promised to call him at 13:00 the next day.
I remember memorizing his number in the car ride home, just in case I'd lose the note in someway.

Still to this day I call him at 13:00 January 6 and we share some of the dialogue we had back then.
It's so cute.....or borderline crazy, I'm not quite sure...

I think it's very important to remember why you fell in love  with that special someone so you'll never forget.

The best lovestories often have that special first meeting and they will stay with you forever.


Adora BatBrat

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