Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Today's Goth look & D vitamin

Mainly, so far, I'm just using the blog to post extra many pictures of today's Goth look.
As an extension of my Facebook and Instagram, so it's a bit boring unless you really like to see pictures of me and my style/make up.
Managing 3 kids, a cute husband and gothic life in general makes my mind all over the place.
But hey, that's a good thing! It means I have a good life :)
At home I usually go up, shower and do the basics in my make up. Then have my breakfast, and after that I finish my look.

I used to be a real morning person when my babaybats were babies, and got up at 05:45, did my make up, left them at daycare at 06:30 and then had my breakfast. Nowadays I've turned my day around and rarely gets up before 08:00. I go to bed between 02-04 and mostly get up between 09-10:00. It's horrible! I need to get this in order!

It started because I was very low on D vitamin. You are supposed to be between 125-200 nmol/l. Everything below 50 is considered severe deficency, and I had 4 nmol/l! No wonder I was so tired all the time?! Now I'm constatly on a high dose of D vitamin and it's so much better.
Well, that's what you get for being a vampire...
Being tired sucks! I don't wanna sleep until my grave!

Goth look of today
Choker - Unholy Clothing
Cape - HM, kids department Halloween costume
Stockings - random Swedish shop
Bindi, pussy brooch - My Lovely Boutique
Shoes - random eBay finding
Gloves, belt - Queen of Darkness <---- They have a sale now. AND you get an extra 10% off using "ADORAB" until January 31

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