Thursday, 5 January 2017

The Love Story - 28 year Anniversary in love

♥ Today is the Love day ♥

28 years ago my heart got stolen. It was a direct attraction from the both of us! 
Today we have been taking the road down memory lane, as we do every year anniversary, and went by the evening minute by minute. Such strong memories. 

It's so weird you can feel so strong for someone?! And it never fades. 
I truly met my faith that evening 28 years ago. My forever love. My partner until death. 
It's easy being in love when he loves you just as much back 💖
(He's got lipstick all over right now.) 
At 00:11 we will dance to our first tune again, as every year - Caravan of Love with The Housemartins
I always love how we cuddle and talk about that first, magical evening every year at our anniversary, and even goes through the dialoges and do the exact same things.

At our 10th anniversary we even wore the exact same outfits (we have them saved in a box since they are magical to us). That is just so freaky crazy, but still kind of cute :)
I have promised to love him until the end of time - and I will never break that promise.
It is him -always.
Me and the prettiest man alive (according to me), Mr BatBrat.
Picture from 2001/2002, so I'm about 28/29 and my darling 32/33.

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