Wednesday, 4 January 2017

I did two today!

This subject can mean so many things, hihi, but it's not what it seems like!
I simply must give myself a cheer because I did so good!
I managed to put voice on two songs, one completely new, and one old, but never recorded, today.

Since I'm not known to have a fantastic voice, it felt more than a little scary to send the files to my partner, where the raw voice could be heard.
Not because I'm nervous about how I sound. I already know it's bad.
But for the partner!
I just hope hir will survive!!!
I can't have this pretty persons death on my conscience.

I wonder what great deeds I will be able to pull off 2017?
Perhaps I can achieve something great! That'd be amazing!
I always have so many things I wanna do, and this project has been on top of my list for years actually. I'm so happy this fell into my lap :)

Thank you, Karma/God/Faith/energies or whatever <3


Adora BatBrat
Goth girl, gothic

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