Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Today's Goth look

Yes, I'm secretly a MCR fan..

Trying to blog from the phone, on the web version sucks. But here are a few pictures of today's Goth Adora.

I even added a picture without lenses since I often get the question what my real eye color is. It's kind of greenish. I call them olive green, simply because it sounds cuter than dish water color...

The outfit I had on was (like I often wear) a slip, and today with a pair of new leggings and lace gloves from my sponsor Queen of Darkness

The accessories are: 
Bone necklace - Spooky Box club
Rib cage necklace - Bijoux Mimischka
Bat brooch - My Lovely boutique

Still loving the new year lots! 

This picture looks so sad :/ It's so Goth... I didn't mean to look this sad! It's horrible to look at haha. 

I think this have to qualify as some kind of Goth make up close up. It's not that exciting really.
Most questions today are about my forehead bling, and it's from a necklace that broke, so I bended it slightly to make it fit my perfectly rounded forehead and slapped it on! What lenses I'm wearing I have no clue of. Just some random I found on the web. Sorry... 

Adora BatBrat
Goth girl

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