Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Today's Goth look

Rule for 2017:
If you must cry, you can only cry blue glitter stars.
And only because you are so beautiful.
I happened to be a bit un-Goth today.
I've been listening a bit too much to MCR lately, and got in touch with my inner emo kid as I also was in touch with my inner Cyndi Lauper.
So apparently this is what happens...
This is how this make up would look without
Adora loves Jack Skellington

Goth look of today:
Choker, necklace - Unholy Clothing
Fuck You bows - Torture Couture
Belt, leggings - Queen of Darkness
Lace gloves - The Gothic Shop
Dress is one tight, basic slip and a second hand lace/mesh slip on top

Oh, and "SÖT" is the Swedish word for cute/sweet looking.
As they say in the southern U.S. States: "The higher the hair, the closer to God"
I have realized that I need to increase my budget for hairspray this year.
Usually it takes more than a year to finish one off since I only spray my bangs. But now it seems I'll be helping with the ozone hole if I shall keep this up.
But I've been good for so many years.. That gotta count, right?!

Adora wise words: Don' tease anything else than your hair!
Adora BatBrat

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