Monday, 2 January 2017

Happy New 2017!

Happy New Year!!!

Goth Queen in the process.
Hair done, make up lacking of lashes and bling
It will be your best ever! So much love, happiness, fun stuff, kindness, humbleness and crazyness will be found in this new year <3

New Year, new hair!
Every New Year I feel the need to re-invent myself - often by going back in time.

Mostly I nag on myself for being too un-Goth, with all my bling and swirly make up. I always want to be cool, but I always fail on it!
But secretly I'm very happy being too bling and swirly since I'm at heart very childish and a nerd and just can't help myself!

But this year I thought I might wanna try out some new hair for a while.
For many years I've been wanting to have a specific hairdo my teen idol, Cyndi Lauper, had on a Swedish live performance, 1986. Unfortunately that live isn't to be found on the internet, but here are some similar looks she had during the time.
Let's see how long I can keep it up...
I have a tendency to get bored since I've never payed that much attention to my hair.
I have four hairdo's, but mainly I have it loose, or in two ponytails. That's all.

My look for the evening:
Dress - HM
lace stockings
brooch - My Lovely Boutique (who also makes the wonderful bindis I usually wears)
bling watch - Ur & Penn (only sold at store)
Nosechain and necklaces made by me
Spoon hairclip found at a Kawaii convent - just in a random box with other stuff...

With my dear son, TeeBee, 10, just before dinner.

Welcoming my guests. I did a totally sober new years party

I even managed to catch the camera shy Mr BatBrat for a photo <3

Haha, I really like Mr BatBrat's face on this one. Like: Woot?!!!

Lots of love,

Adora BatBrat
Goth Girl

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